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North Carolina Board of Cosmetic Art Examiners
Sanitation, Safety, and Consumer Protection

Individuals Licensed in another State

Requirements (2 items):

  1. Hold a current license in good standing (no disciplinary actions)
  2. Be licensed in a state that offers reciprocity to North Carolina

How to Transfer:

If you are licensed in Arkansas, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, New Hampshire, New York, Oklahoma, Texas, or West Virginia:

  1. Have your state licensing agency send a certification via email or mail to:

Email:            certifications@nccosmeticarts.com

Mail:              NC Board of Cosmetic Art Examiners

                                1207 Front Street, Suite 110

                                Raleigh, NC 27609

We do not accept fax submissions. Certifications are held on file for either 90 days or until the date of expiration, whichever comes first.

Check the list below for your name. Once you are on this list, you may submit the application.


If you are licensed in any other state, submit the application online or by mail:

By Mail


$35 – Apprentice, Esthetician, Manicurist, Natural Hair Care and Teacher licenses
$64 – Cosmetologist license

Incorrect payments will be returned unprocessed. If you do not meet the requirements listed above, your payment will be returned unprocessed. 

Other Important Information:

  • Reciprocity licenses will not be granted for hair braiders, manicurist or estheticians in the state of Florida.
  • Reciprocity licenses will not be granted for hair braiders in the state of Texas, Mississippi, or South Carolina.
  • Teacher's licenses cannot be obtained without first holding a current license for practice in the corresponding discipline.  Ex: Only NC licensed cosmetologists may obtain a NC cosmetology teacher's license.  


This listing updated 3/14/2017  Approved from  Arkansas, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Texas, or West Virginia:


De Cespedes, Carlixta Placencia NY
Ackerman, Karen NY
Agustin, Danitsa NY
Asam, Bia TX
Asam, Bia TX
Benner, Miranda WV
Blanco, Ingrid Salmeron NY
Bramchtein, Andrea NY
Chaparro Urquiza, Franseli NY
Chavarria, Jr., Arthur TX
Ciriaco, Virgen NY
Dawson, Toni KS
De La Paz Herrera Amaya, Reyna NY
Dinh, Hanh MS
Dinh, Hanh MI
DL Goody, Riccia NY
Dorsett, Yonia C TX
Gadsden, Carsandra TX
Garcia, Ohanneson NY
Graham, Marie T NY
Haggerty, Haylee NH
Hall, Christine Ny
Harwood, Antoinette P NY
Henson, Diane MS
Henson, Diane MS
Hernandez Garcia, Laura NY
Herrera, Mariana TX
Huynh, Thu AR
Huynh, Trang AR
Huynh, Tuyet TX
Huynh, Anlanh TX
Huynh, Hai Thanh NY
Ianelli, Catherine NY
Isenberg, Claire Coombs TX
Le, Huong TX
Lebron, Disenia NY
Mai, Hoa Le NY
Marks, Renita WV
May, Jessica TX
Mejia De La Cruz, Lady Guadalupe NY
Mella, Marilyn NY
Morales, Otoniel NY
Moreno, Lizbeth V NY
Munoz, Marlem NY
Munoz, Marlem Mera NY
Naughton, Christina NY
Naughton, Christina NY
Nelson, Alexis NY
Nguyen, Hanh TX
Nguyen, Binh TX
Nguyen, Thi Thi TX
Nguyen, Hoang TX
Nguyen, John TX
Nguyen, John TX
Nguyen, John TX
Nguyen, Bong NY
Nguyen, Thi NY
Nguyen, Thuan Bich NY
Nguyen, Trinh NY
Nguyen, Oanh NY
Nguyen, Loan NY
Nguyen, Huong NY
Nguyen, Van NY
Niclo, Jennifer TX
Ochoa, Blanca B NY
Pellegrino, Rae Marie NY
Peno, Tammy NH
Pham, Quyen TX
Pham, Trang TX
Phan, Bich TX
Proal, Michael NY
Recendez Tapia, Elvia NY
Rienhardt, Chani Lee TX
Rizo-Martinez, Johanna NY
Rmah, H TX
Rocham, Pheo NY
Saravia, Griselda NY
Snyder, Amy AL
Stead, Hudson NY
Suarez, Helen NY
Sun, Xue Jiao NY
Sweeper, Towanna TX
Ta, Nguyet TX
Ta, Nguyet TX
Tabor, Kaela TX
Targosh, Kelly NY
Tran, An Thi Hong NY
Trawinski, Marta TX
Trinh, Tina NY
Trinh, Quang V NY
Uyen, Arul H NY
Vargas Vargas, Luciana Deysi NY
Ventura, Ana NY
Vien, Suong TX
Vilaythong, Vankham AR
Vilaythong, Vankham AR
Wang, Dan Ping NY
Wasson, Ashley KS
Waters, Kathleen NY
Woertz, Hien TX