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North Carolina Board of Cosmetic Art Examiners
Sanitation, Safety, and Consumer Protection

Consumer Information

The Board has put together the following information to help protect and prepare members of the public receiving cosmetic art services.

  • Callus shavers and MMA are prohibited for use or posession in North Carolina salons.
  • Licensees must wash their hands between client services.
  • Hot wax containers should never be left uncovered.
  • Any disposable implement such as orange sticks, emory boards, facial sponges, toe separators, wax applicators should be discarded after use, never reused. A good rule of thumb is "disinfect or discard." Absolutely every item of equipment must be disinfected or discarded. Only non-porous items are capable of meeting the EPA standard of disinfection.
  • Dry storage of disinfected tools requires isolation from contaminated items.
  • Clippers must be cleaned, disinfected and stored in a closed container between uses.
  • Disinfectants should never come in contact with a client's skin, all tools and implements must be thoroughly rinsed and dried.
  • North Carolina issues a sanitation grade to each salon and the grade card must be displayed at all times.
  • Only licensed estheticians and cosmetologists are permitted to perform waxing services.
  • Ear stapling is outside the scope of practice of all cosmetic art licensees. Individuals licensed to perform ear stapling are medical doctors, chiropractors and acupuncturists.

Watch for general cleanliness in salons such as any hair, nail clippings, dust, or debris on the floor, personal items in drawers or on tables or other furniture, keeping clean and dirty implements in the same container, failure to keep clean implements covered and dirty restroom facilities. Please report any questionable salon sanitation practices as a complaint

Questions about a barbershop? Contact the NC Board of Barber Examiners 919-814-0640

Video Information Segments - Our inspectors have been featured on local and national television reports regarding salon sanitation. Please use the links below to view the segments and access information about sanitation.
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