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North Carolina Board of Cosmetic Art Examiners
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Subchapter T
Infection Control Rules


School Updates - 

March 2023

School Rule updates that include changes to the curriculum have been approved.  

April 2022

The Board held their meeting April 4, 2022 and rescinded all waivers of the Rules issued based on 2020 COVID-19 school shut-downs.
Per current Rules, schools that are approved for online education have the ability to do online theory education. School personnel and administration should plan accordingly for students that may become ill or need to quarantine. Student records need to be updated and maintained per the Rules. Students need to be in the school practicing on mannequins and working on live clients under the supervision of a teacher. Teachers must provide instruction in the hands-on execution of the systematic completion of the steps for a safe and effective cosmetic art service on a mannequin that then translates to a live person.

In 2019 the Board removed regulations that required logging mannequin and live client services to allow teachers more time to be focused in the clinic for hands on instruction. Students are required to stay in school for their entire course under the direct supervision of licensed teachers for the purpose of gaining hands-on education. Teachers and school administrators need to ensure “Hands-on Education” is occurring as follows: The repeated physical completion of performances, to provide students with the tactile interaction of different hair, skin, nail types and shapes for the purpose of providing experience to safe and effective cosmetic art services despite variable circumstances.
21 NCAC 14T .0612 (a) The hours earned in the clinic department must be devoted to study and performance completions. This means students need to be working on clients or working on a mannequin. Schools must require that students are actively engaged in learning.

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Sample Performance Evaluation Plans

Handwashing Performance Evaluation Example
Blood Exposure Self cut 
Blood Exposure Client
Beginning and End of the Day Infection Control
Service Performances Example
Hair cut with shears a razor and clipper
Blow Dry and Hot Iron Performance 
Manicure Performance with pedicure difference 
Implement Evaluation Plan
Basic Facial including steam
Three Strand Overbraid and Underbraid
Track and Sew
Sculptured Nail Fill/Removal
Color - Virgin and Retouch
Relaxer - Virgin and Retouch
Permanent Waving
Lash lift and brow lamination
Artificial lashes
Lash and brow tint

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Cosmetology Curriculum
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Natural Hair Care Curriculum

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