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North Carolina Board of Cosmetic Art Examiners
Infection Control, Safety, and Consumer Protection

Infection Control COVID-19 Information and updates

The Board will post updates here as the COVID-19 pandemic develops
*New* Urgent request for supplies from UNC  UNC Health needs additional unused and unopened personal protective equipment for their frontline medical professionals and their researchers. 
• Gowns
• Plastic face shields
• Nitrile gloves (medium and large)
• Patient earloop masks (no face shield), both adult and pediatric

If anyone has this equipment and are willing to donate it to UNC Health, that would be an amazing contribution and go a long way toward fighting back against this virus.

If anyone wishes to donate items from the above list, email Eric Naisbitt (eric.naisbitt@ncleg.gov) the following information:
• Type and quantity of supplies;
• Location of supplies (address);
• Whether the person can deliver the supplies or requires a pickup.

Governor Cooper issued a Stay At Home order for NC: Executive Order 121

Governor Cooper has ordered the closure of all personal care and grooming businesses effective March 25, 2020 at 5:00pm.  This closure includes all cosmetic art shops and schools.  Shops and schools that can close prior to March 25, 2020 at 5:00pm are encouraged to do so.  The minimum duration of the closure will be 30 days but updates will be posted here at www.nccosmeticarts.com. 
Here is a link to Governor Cooper's order: Executive Order 120   

Wake County closes salons 3-22-2020 through 4-30-2020 1:20pm for information regarding this county closure: 919-856-7420 or Wake County Government
Buncombe county closes spas 3-19-2020 updated 4:02pm for information regarding this county closure: Buncombe County Government

Are schools and shops closed in NC?
Yes, all personal care and grooming businesses have been closed in NC to ensure social distancing for 30 days. The purpose of the order is to help prevent person to person spread of the COVID-19 virus so any place that offers such services is closed.

What happens if my school or shop stays open or I provide services at home or my client’s home?
The purpose of the order is to help prevent person to person spread of the COVID-19 virus so any business that offers such services must be closed. The Governor’s Order indicates violations may be subject to prosecution and punishable as a Class II misdemeanor. Ultimately there may be licensure repercussions to offering services when the Governor has ordered them to cease.

Can I sell products?
The Board’s rules don’t address product sales, but we do require that licensees use products according to manufacturer's instructions. Most professional products say not for retail sale and could represent a liability for licensees. For retail product sales: Many counties have shelter in place orders and business owners should refer to county government for guidance.

What kind of assistance is available for licensees?
US Department of Labor Information on COVID-19 - https://www.dol.gov/newsroom/releases/eta/eta20200312-0
NC Unemployment Resources (file for unemployment even if you're a booth renter/independent contractor) - https://des.nc.gov/
Small Business Loan Information - https://disasterloan.sba.gov/ela/
Wake County - Wake County Economic Development
(As we have more information about potential resources for licensees and shop owners we will post them at www.nccosmeticarts.com)

What should I do about booth rental?
The North Carolina State Board of Cosmetic Art Examiners does not have the legal authority in this area and cannot provide legal advice.

Additional Infection Control Guidance related to COVID-19
CDC recommendations for workplaces
EPA Disinfectant List 

For information about COVID-19 recommendations and other virus related guidance refer to NCDHHS, the Governor's Office, and the CDC.

The Board office, located in Wake County, is closed to in-office customers. 
All requests, applications and questions for the Board can be handled online. For assistance with any Board related question please call 919-736-6123, chat with Board staff through our Chat Now feature, or email nccosmo@nccosmeticarts.com. All requests are processed and receive a response within 24 hours of receipt.   

Exam Schedule information from DL Roope - updated 3-19-2020


Current license renewals can be submitted ontime between July 1, 2019 12:00am and October 1, 2019 11:59pm.  Licensees that are not exempt or inactive must complete 8 hours of CE per year. The Board does not require licensees to take paid courses and cautions licensees against CE course providers that advertise their classes as "mandatory."  
Licensees can document CE hours as any education earned since the last renewal.  Examples of acceptable CE hours would be: learning a new skill from another professional, watching educational videos or tutorials,  taking correspondence or online courses, participating in a hands-on class.  At least half the education completed must be in the cosmetic art licensure field .  Please keep records of the time, date, location (or URL) and a brief description of the educational material so if the licensee is selected for an audit and receives an audit letter the records can be submitted in a timely manner.

To renew log in here: https://www.nccosmeticarts.com/userman/useraccounts/login.aspx
Late fees are due for any renewal submitted October 2 or later.  


Contact the Board 

Due to ongoing local construction and intermittent phone outages callers can use 919-736-6123 as an alternate phone number to reach the Board.  Questions can also be directed to nccosmo@nccosmeticarts.com or submitted via the Chat now option.

Inspections Notification

The Board has received notifications of calls and visits to licensed shops by individuals impersonating Board inspectors.  Reports have been made in counties throughout the state.  Board inspectors always carry and present identification but do not collect payments of any kind.  

License Format Updates

Updates have been made to both individual and salon license formatting.  Salon licenses issued or renewed after 1/1/19 will receive the new blue license.  Individual licenses issued or renewed after 8/15/2019 will receive the new license with the secure QR code.


Consumer and Student Complaints

Complaints can be submitted at the following link:  http://www.nccosmeticarts.com/inspections/complaints.aspx



Lash perming - At the Board meeting April 8, 2019 the Board voted to issue a declaratory ruling regarding lash lifting/perming.  Click here to read the ruling: Declaratory Ruling - Lash Lifting Procedure

Brow Lamination- At the Board meeting January 6, 2020 the Board voted to issue a declaratory ruling regarding brow lamination. 
Click here to read the ruling: 
Declaratory Ruling - Brow Lamination Procedure


License status can be verified and printed online.